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Let’s Talk Ice Cream

I have had a lot of good ice cream in my travels, and the best ones are the unexpected ones. Those that came from nowhere. You take a bite and you say, wait, this one’s for the books. Being a chocoholic, I do go for the usual chocolate or peanut butter flavors, and like my ice cream with texture. When at home, I like my ice cream not too frozen, pop it in the microwave for a little bit so it’s just the right consistency.

So during a recent trip to Hyde Park, it was Bocuse’s table-side lavender ice cream that blew my boyfriend and I away:

Lavender Ice Cream, Sablé, Wild Blueberry Sauce Yuzu-Lime Baba, Mascarpone Cheese and Mixed Berry “Mirror”
Green Tea-Red Bean and Jasmine Rice Pudding Gâteaux Canelé de Bordeaux
Warm Mixed Berry Pound Cake


Lavender is not a flavor one would think for ice cream — and when we put it in our mouths, it was refreshing, and the contrast between the ice cream and the texture of the sable was perfect.

A close second would have to also be at The Culinary Institute, this time at its American Bounty Restaurant. The server, a student at the Institute (all restaurant staff are students being trained at the school), went over the dessert menu and told us the day’s special (it was Mother’s Day and we were there to treat my mom) fried chicken and waffles dessert: waffle cake, whipped maple syrup, honey tabasco pearls and fried chicken ice cream.


He said he had a bet with the head chef, who came up with the special dessert, that he can sell this to someone. I of course knew the moment he started telling us about it that if there’d be people to try it, they’d be my stepdad and my boyfriend. Both are adventurous when it comes to food. It of course paid off, because the dessert was pure genius. I admit I only had a taste of it, but still. (I asked my stepdad afterwards if this is the best ice cream he’s ever had. He said no, but it’s certainly the most interesting.) It is amazing to me how creative these chefs are for them to have thought the combination of these ingredients would work.

How about you, what’s the best ice cream you’ve had?

Bocuse Restaurant rating: 9.75 out of 10
Lavender Ice Cream rating: 9.75 out of 10

American Bounty Restaurant rating: 7 out of 10
Chicken and Waffles Ice Cream rating: 9 out of 10

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