Month: August 2014

On Unexpected Discoveries

The best discoveries oftentimes are the unexpected ones, those we aren’t looking to find. Just as perfect moments happen when the timing is just right. So we live our lives, and this we discover more and more, until we learn that if we have already put in our very best work, to not be in control so much — to let go, and that it is these beautiful moments, that make life worth it. Photos taken in Monaco, May 2013

Introspective on Change at the Basilica Cistern

I have been thinking about change lately. What is it that brings about the process, is it the need for it, or the time it takes, or is it the environment we all move in that forces us to be something a little different each time? When we went to Istanbul, the Basilica Cistern was the perfect place to be introspective and retrospective of the trip that was bringing about changes in my outlook, and consequently, my life and relationships — familial, platonic and romantic. It was a quiet, beautiful place, and in itself has undergone tremendous change in the course of its history, having been constructed under a basilica, designed to serve as the source of water for a palace; closed; rediscovered and used to store water for the city; became a dumping ground; and now that its great historical significance has been unearthed, cleaned and opened to the public. Change is scary, sometimes painful, at times comedic if we choose to step back and be a part of it willingly. In this great …

The Colosseum By Day and Night

I have decided to dedicate Tuesdays* to World Heritage Sites, places listed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as those that have special significance, whether physical or cultural in nature. One of the most memorable I have visited so far being the Historic Center of Rome, which of course includes the Colosseum. It was a long train ride from the cruise ship to Rome, and the train was full of tourists. We saved a lot of money for not taking a cab, but if you are claustrophobic, I would not recommend this option. When we got to our stop, we walked to our destination. We had a full day planned in Rome — my loving boyfriend, a.k.a. Mr. Navigator and super planner mapped out all our destinations, including points of interest along our walking path. It was definitely a great way to see a city like Rome if you don’t mind walking, as you would see a lot of old, scenic streets and avoid crowded commuter trains. The Colosseum, which is …

On Art

I have this daydream that I am going to one day have one of those experiences that’s a cross between Owen Wilson in “Midnight in Paris” and the late Robin Williams in “What Dreams May Come.” I sometimes have a misguided picture of myself as an old soul and old heart, but then again a big part of me lives in this very moment. I do believe I have my own world and sometimes think I am the only one who understands in what plane I am living at any given instant, but that’s okay, too. And when I have encounters with art, it happens, even for so brief a time as I allow myself to get lost. I think that’s what it’s all about though isn’t it — getting lost and drawing from ┬áit what’s personally important.