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Pondering What People Think of When They Travel (As I Look At Photos of the Roman Baths)

What do you get from traveling? What do you make of your experiences, the sights, sounds, tastes and everything in between? How can people who have gone to the same exact spots walk away from them with something entirely different from the other, seeing them from entirely different eyes?

My parents recently took a trip to London, and I saw a photo of my mom at the exact same spot in the Roman Baths where I took a picture when I went on my Contiki trip a few years back. It is interesting looking at a picture of a place and it taking you back to the time when you were there.

image image imageI remember things very fondly about Bath: lifting an apparatus people there used to lift, a quaint Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant. I remember sitting at the spot, watching the ducks, taking a break and trying to tune the crowd out. I remember thinking about the ruins before me and how the people who lived there would have been. I remember thinking 300 years of excavation and we probably haven’t even scratched the surface of what we would discover about them. What is there to learn, but more importantly, are we really taking to heart what we should be learning.



I wondered, looking at my mom’s picture, what she was thinking sitting at the exact same spot.

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