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Introspective on Change at the Basilica Cistern

I have been thinking about change lately. What is it that brings about the process, is it the need for it, or the time it takes, or is it the environment we all move in that forces us to be something a little different each time?


When we went to Istanbul, the Basilica Cistern was the perfect place to be introspective and retrospective of the trip that was bringing about changes in my outlook, and consequently, my life and relationships — familial, platonic and romantic. It was a quiet, beautiful place, and in itself has undergone tremendous change in the course of its history, having been constructed under a basilica, designed to serve as the source of water for a palace; closed; rediscovered and used to store water for the city; became a dumping ground; and now that its great historical significance has been unearthed, cleaned and opened to the public.

Change is scary, sometimes painful, at times comedic if we choose to step back and be a part of it willingly. In this great design, who we are an hour ago may not be who we are later for a reason we may not foresee, and if we look into ourselves and let it happen, we may just see that what’s happening is growth — and that, we will eventually learn, is a good thing.


  1. Yes, one of only a few, and some may even argue that it’s the only thing that will be the same throughout time…how we deal with it though, is always the key, as it can shape who we become.


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