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Wednesday Sightings: Head in the Clouds (All it Takes is an Idea)

In the age of social media, some of the platforms that bring with them a lot of promise are crowdfunding platforms, arguably the most popular ones being Kickstarter and Charity Water.

All it takes is an idea, and anyone can appeal to the world why they should get to have their dreams realized, or why their cause is important.

As a marketing communications professional, digital marketer and full time idealist, crowdfunding has always peaked my interest. Inspiring stories, such as movies being produced with the help of people instead of big production companies for complete creative control, and more importantly, wells being dug around the world in places where clean water was next to impossible before, prove the power of these platforms in making a difference.

One example of a project that was realized through Kickstarter was the “Head in the Clouds” project, an installation made up of recycled materials in Governors Island in the summer of 2013.


We did not know what we were going to find in Governors Island when we went there last year. We took the free ferry from Manhattan to spend the afternoon, and walking around, there was this cloud-looking structure in the middle of the grounds. When we approached, we quickly found out why people were gathered around it — we were very lucky to have been able to see the pavilion made up of 53,780 used water bottles, the amount consumed in New York City in one day.








All it takes is an idea — and in our world where failure is inevitable and we can’t always make things happen the way we envision, we have got to keep reminding ourselves that it is also the same world where dreamers can thrive with hard work, patience and oftentimes, leaps of faith in others and of course, ourselves.


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