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Accepting More Than One Idea, And Celebrating The Freedom That We Can

Most of us can recall vividly where we were at that exact moment it happened, when everything we thought we knew about the world changed. Generations before us, they knew. They’ve seen the true horrors of war. We were living in a world courtesy of their efforts, blood and sacrifice, the lives of their comrades.

Waking up the day after, it was a changed world. How are we to make sense of such an act, why did it happen, how do we honor those who have fallen?


In our everyday we take so much for granted. We take a lot of time and spend so much energy debating the right to bear arms, or freedom of choice, school prayer, how much part should religion play, yet this in itself — the right to free speech, the freedom to take a stand, that we can debate and accept more than one idea knowing we wouldn’t have to worry about unrest for our families, friends and neighbors every single hour of every day, that we are blessed to have in the first place.

To the heroes of September 11 and all other wars before, and those that followed, may we always remember.

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