Month: October 2014

Wishing I Were A Writer At Luray Caverns

I am not a writer. But there are times I wish I were. Times I wish I could weave words together like great poets and those whose pages jump out as if they are bringing stories to life. Because there are times I know my words will never be enough to describe the beauty of those I have so far seen. It is nature’s gift that we are always in for a surprise. There is wonder in every turn, and in this case, deep into a cave came awe. Photos taken at Luray Caverns, Virginia, October 2014.

On Time, and the Beautiful Blue Ridge

It feels like a while since I last wrote something on this blog. And since it is only now that I am working on getting back to somewhat of a routine, I feel I have to get back to writing again. It has been an eventful two weeks. Time with loved ones was the best and most beautiful thing about it — reconnecting and recapturing that intangible and irreplaceable treasure we all have in family and a beloved. I am learning in my 30’s that it is time with people that mean most to us that we cannot replace when we look back at our lives years from now. That precious commodity that we seem to always not have but ignore and waste at the same time. So yeah, in a span of two weeks, I managed to travel back to Asia, get back to New York, drive to Florida and fly back to New York again. And now, back to work. A lot of highlights to tell so I will be writing about the …

On Leaving

As we watch a place get smaller from a window of a plane, or a train, a car, we leave our old selves behind. For no matter the reason and however long — a year to study abroad, a week or two exploring cities we haven’t been, whether it’s for work, family or friends — we come back a different person. We do not know this as we watch the distance increase between what we left behind and where we are going in the beautiful, cotton candy clouds seen from the plane window, or the farmlands whizzing by a super highway. But something different, when we come back, as the same scenes will have a different meaning.

Wednesday Sightings: Sunset in Istanbul

What do you see when you wake up? How about when your day is about to wind down? Have you had the chance to have been able to marvel at sunrises and sunsets half the world over? Aren’t these priceless, humbling experiences ones that diminish all the importance and effort we put on the insignificant, minute stresses of our everyday — and beauty, only beauty, comes into focus?   Photos taken of an Istanbul, Turkey, sunset from the Celebrity Constellation Cruise Ship, November 2013

World Heritage Site Tuesday: Galata Bridge

If you’d like to experience another texture of Istanbul other than its beautiful mosques, the Galata Bridge is just a few blocks away from Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. Apart from its historical significance, it has now taken a whole new cultural importance in the Istanbul landscape. For instance, foodies that we are, we went to the area for the famous fishing boats and the fish sandwiches. My boyfriend is not a fish person but I am, so this was totally my thing — we had to see the decorated boats under the bridge and I had to taste the much-talked about sandwiches.   The area is great overall if you like experiencing more of the street food scene. There were also a lot of locals, and it was nice to see the fishermen across the bridge. I liked the sandwich, it tasted like a smoked fish I ate growing up, with a vinegar taste. It was just a little more chaotic for my migraine. One warning, if you are to go: do not …