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World Heritage Site Tuesday: Galata Bridge

If you’d like to experience another texture of Istanbul other than its beautiful mosques, the Galata Bridge is just a few blocks away from Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque.


Apart from its historical significance, it has now taken a whole new cultural importance in the Istanbul landscape. For instance, foodies that we are, we went to the area for the famous fishing boats and the fish sandwiches. My boyfriend is not a fish person but I am, so this was totally my thing — we had to see the decorated boats under the bridge and I had to taste the much-talked about sandwiches.




The area is great overall if you like experiencing more of the street food scene. There were also a lot of locals, and it was nice to see the fishermen across the bridge. I liked the sandwich, it tasted like a smoked fish I ate growing up, with a vinegar taste. It was just a little more chaotic for my migraine.

One warning, if you are to go: do not take napkins from anyone offering them. As soon as you take one, they will charge you. My boyfriend did some research beforehand so we were prepared and had our own napkins and water. Also, hand sanitizer would come in handy as there isn’t a place to wash your hands after eating.

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