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Gearing Up for Valentine’s, and Last Year’s White Chocolate Risotto

These days, social media has grown keen on telling us one thing: what time of the year it is, and when we should be on to planning what to do for the next holiday — in this case, it’s almost the end of January and it’s reminding us that Valentine’s Day is coming. Being a marketer myself, I understand big data and big business, and Valentine’s Day presents one of the biggest opportunities for targeting and retargeting if you do it just right.

As an end user, I am glad I do not have to go through the stressful ritual. My boyfriend and I during our first Valentine’s went to one of my favorite Italian restaurants in Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, but it didn’t go very well. Take me, a chronic migraine sufferer, out during a night when most everyone dons their fanciest perfumes for their dates, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. So we decided on a much mellower approach in the years to follow, which worked out perfectly for us.

Last year, for instance, a week or two prior to Valentine’s, I saw an episode of Giada at Home where Giada De Laurentiis cooked white chocolate risotto. Chocolate and risotto being two of my most favorite things, I apparently did not stop talking about the episode for a few days. This prompted my boyfriend to think that this would be the perfect thing to cook for me on Valentine’s. So we spent the night cooking the dessert. It was fun trying the recipe together, finding out that risotto really is much tougher to cook, that it needs more liquid than the recipe asks for, wondering if it was going to turn out okay, and finally tasting the finished product. For us, it is always things like this, experiences and time together that are important.

I have talked about our Valentine’s presents for each other that year on this blog before. We gave each other a list of things we wanted to do throughout the year. We are preparing for this year with a variation of that list, as it proved priceless for us.

How about you, are you getting ready for Valentine’s Day?

For those of you who would like the white chocolate risotto recipe, click here to view it on Food Network. Note that as per our experience, you would need more liquid and allow little more cooking time for the risotto. Enjoy!

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