Month: February 2015

Madame Mona Lisa, and Not Enough Time for Musee du Louvre

One of the items on my bucket list is to come face to face with madame Mona Lisa, an experience I was able to check off during a visit to The Louvre when I traveled to Paris with my Contiki group. That morning, our visit started with our tour manager telling our group that he would be showing us a secret entrance to The Louvre known only to a few. This, he said, would help us skip a lot of the longer lines. He of course had also pre-purchased our tickets. True to his word, we were able to get in without a hitch. The Louvre, we found out, was originally intended to be a castle but eventually determined not to be extravagant enough to serve its purpose. (This is the reason they built Versailles, which I wrote about in a previous post.) The museum itself is so large that if you would like to be able to see all the collections, you would need to dedicate a few days (maybe even more). We did …

On Beauty

There are moments in our lives when we realize that we were granted a rare window to seeing what’s truly beautiful. In those instances, awe takes over and we know, we have been changed forever.     (Photos taken in Santorini, Greece, during our cruise in November 2013, using my iPhone. Post originally published in July 2014, photos added on this post.)

For Those Doughnut Days in the City

One of my favorite specialty shops in Manhattan is The Doughnut Plant, located in West 23rd Street. Here, you would find unique flavors such as mango, pistachio, tres leches and apricot, but make sure you get there early — they run out of these flavors, as these are made fresh and in limited batches in the morning. They also have cream filled ones, such as peanut butter and banana cream, creme brulee filled and coconut cream. When I went there, it was unfortunately late in the afternoon (I went after work) so they have already run out of all the flavors I wanted to try. I had the cream-cheese filled carrot cake donut, which was definitely a step up from the average donut shop. Since it was cake and not dough, the texture was different. The cream cheese was a nice touch and provided great contrast to the carrot cake. I would definitely love to go back in the morning and taste the other flavors, specially the tres leches and creme brulee filled. The Doughnut …

Great Falls National Historic Park

There are those places we pass by a hundred times and don’t even know the many secrets they hide. Because we always have other places to be, things to get done, no time to discover the simpler, the unassuming. Photos taken at the Great Falls National Historic Park, Paterson, NJ, a park I didn’t even know existed in Jersey. It was a truly nice spring afternoon spent discovering this park and the beautiful falls in my own backyard. The best surprise was the rainbow that formed as the sun hit the water.  I was glad to have captured it in these photos, but these would not compare to being there in person.