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For Those Doughnut Days in the City

One of my favorite specialty shops in Manhattan is The Doughnut Plant, located in West 23rd Street.

Here, you would find unique flavors such as mango, pistachio, tres leches and apricot, but make sure you get there early — they run out of these flavors, as these are made fresh and in limited batches in the morning. They also have cream filled ones, such as peanut butter and banana cream, creme brulee filled and coconut cream.


When I went there, it was unfortunately late in the afternoon (I went after work) so they have already run out of all the flavors I wanted to try. I had the cream-cheese filled carrot cake donut, which was definitely a step up from the average donut shop. Since it was cake and not dough, the texture was different. The cream cheese was a nice touch and provided great contrast to the carrot cake.


Carrot cake donut with cream cheese filling.

I would definitely love to go back in the morning and taste the other flavors, specially the tres leches and creme brulee filled.

The Doughnut Plant rating: 7.5 out of 10

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