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On Failure, Finding One’s Path and The Continuous Pursuit

It feels like ages ago today since a friend and I ventured into an experiment that lost us a lot of time, effort and capital. It was not a successful undertaking — we were naive, inexperienced, and suffice it to say, now older and wiser, there are a lot of things we would have done differently.

For a few years I regretted the decision to go into the business, and subsequently, fail at it. But there is a lot of truth to this, though a cliche — that failure, I have found, helps shape you.

Professionally, I wear many hats. I went to college for business, subsequently found myself in communications, graphic design, web, digital and marketing. I was speaking to a colleague a few weeks back who has just recently started an online business of her own, which led me to reveal to her my personal history down the path of entrepreneurship. In the few minutes we spoke about ideas for her venture, I realized that had I not tried — failing at it, not earning one penny and losing so much more, notwithstanding — I would not have had the knowledge I had shared with her.

We hear a lot of talk about that intangible and illusive search for one’s passion. There are only a few who truly find it, and a few who haven’t felt they have, go in pursuit of it until they do. I have found what I am good at in thirty some odd years, building on them, failing at some, and would like to think, having always had my own timeline, I am ready to go in that same pursuit now. I believe there is always something inside us, call it a voice, a nagging feeling, that tells us if we haven’t quite found where we belong. Settling into a career, even if it’s something we are truly good at, makes a living but doesn’t make a life. Someday, when I look back, in that rocking chair, I would like to be able to say I made use of everything I am to live the life I am supposed to live. I can say I am in continuous pursuit. I was reading an article the other day about someone I truly admired and it said there is no shame in peaking late in life, and those words ring true, making me feel I am on the path I should be at the moment.

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