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Collectors of Memory Fragments (and Pictures of Acadia)

There are these places we see, take our breath away and stay with us.

Time passes and we forget details — but a sound, an image, a flicker of a memory, and one can relive the feeling of being captivated as if it were yesterday.

Is it the intangible way we just know there are things that can affect one so greatly, a reminder of wonder and awe and life’s mysteries, time passing and the world’s beauty revealed in small fragments, whenever we set our eyes on a new sight, or share it with someone close to our heart?

So we become a collector of fragments, seeking more of these pieces, of these places we take with us when we leave them behind and become a part of who we define ourselves to be.

This post was inspired by pictures from our trip to Acadia National Park in Maine, US. As I mentioned in this blog before, one of our goals (my boyfriend and I) is to visit all US National Parks. We were able check Acadia off our list late last year. In addition to having experienced the beautiful park, we also had the best Maine lobster meal, not to mention a stop at Bob’s Clam Hut (previously featured on TV’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives) to find out for ourselves which between Bob’s or Lillian’s clam recipe is better.

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