Month: May 2016

Why I Wish I Paid More Attention In Science Class

So. I didn’t know a lot about minerals (uhh, can we talk about philosophy or even graphic design instead because apparently, my geekiness does not extend to Geology nor Mineralogy). Why do fluorescent rocks change their color under UV light? Not originally part of my knowledge bank, but when my boyfriend and I went on a day trip to Sterling Hill Mine in New Jersey, I wish it was. Sterling Hill Mine, as I learned, is one of the oldest mines in the US and one of the most famous in the world. It boasts of a large concentration of zinc among a list of minerals, and is famous for fluorescent rocks even though it has closed its operations many years ago (because of, among other reasons, extremely high taxes in the area). There is also now a museum where the miners used to change and rest, and visitors are able to take guided tours of the mine. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and cordial. It was interesting to learn not only about the …

Onwards, Always Onwards

What does it mean to no longer be able to hide behind the crisis of quarter life, too early for the mid life excuse. Perhaps it is the perfect time to be pushing oneself, or maybe to just be. After all, by this time, lessons should have been learned. But isn’t it really the point, to keep learning, year after year, and in the process of finding dreams (fulfilling some, being completely and utterly shattered and heartbroken by others), onwards, always onwards — there are beauty, laughter, friendship, family and love. Photo taken in Alaska, US