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Inspiration Point 

They call it Inspiration Point. It took us our full visit to get there, taking our time, having been pushed to start at the other end of the park by the big bold “parking lot full” sign as we entered, driving from one lookout to another — at this point in our ten-day, 2300 mile sojourn being lazy travelers. It can, as it is aptly named, inspire sonnets and poems and masterpieces, the best view in Bryce Canyon National Park.

Those of you who have read one or a few of my entries here before know that we are working our way through the national parks as part of our bucket list, or that is the dream, anyway.

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Bryce is beautiful. My, I feel inadequate. As if not one word I write will be enough to describe the feeling I was overcome upon encountering it, all of the wonders this entire trip, really. Stone castles formed by sand and wind, it is unreal the shapes and shadows cast at differing hours of just the short afternoon we spent in reveling looking down admiring it. It is during these times of pure awe — and maybe looking down something of beauty, so high up that you feel like you may fall into your very ugly death — that you know how small you are in the grand scheme of this ever so great universe. This universe that can create mountains and canyons by the sheer force of its waters and winds. And it truly is very humbling.

Some tips:

  • There is a mile-long walk at the tip of the park that lets you experience Bryce up close, where you’d be looking up the formations. Had it not been a fully packed trip, we’d have gone — but we were extremely beaten down by the road trip and fully packed schedule as it was. Next time though, should we be blessed to get to have one!
  • If you’re only visiting the park for a day, go to the bathroom before you go (and hopefully that’d be enough). There are some acceptably clean bathrooms near some of the lookouts, but you would not want to go near the campgrounds.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather. For those of you planning to go in September like we did, I recommend dressing in layers. It is a very nice 70’s but can get cold in the mornings and evenings. Remember, you’re going to be dealing with higher elevation.

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