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If one has to look down to admire Bryce, the massive rock formations in Zion would have you gazing up in awe at its grandeur, magnificence, vastness and scale.

Driving up to Zion was, just like most of Utah-Arizona-New-Mexico trip, driving up to a movie set. Or even a Disney amusement park with its large scale, nature themed rides. It was a perfect day, just enough sun, enough mists above the mountains for them to be picturesque, disappearing as mid morning crept in.

I’d discovered there were two ends to Zion, you can enter one and think you’re seeing these grand, red canyons, then you pass a tunnel and then you’ll see these white, smooth and patterned rocks.

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We were less lazy that day, too. Driving to different spots, yes, but actually having the chance to hike a little, finally. We weren’t feeling all that well throughout the trip — having pushed to finish deadlines before vacation thereby exhausting ourselves both physically and mentally almost to the point of getting sick. So it was quite an accomplishment to be able to hike a little bit in Zion.

We had been blessed this trip to have witnessed both the sun setting in Zion, coming back from dinner, and the sun rising on it the following day. We had to wake up early as we had to drive to Arizona and it turned out to be a blessing. It was still dark, eerily quiet in the park and there was something very calming about it — like it’s hiding the secrets of so many centuries of its existence while it sleeps — and as we watch it wake up again.

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Where to eat: We had dinner at Bit and Spur Restaurant and Saloon. I had their rib eye steak which was satisfactory, but my boyfriend did not quite like his entree (I don’t remember what he even had now). The best part of the meal for me was the Chocolate Lava Cake with home made Peppermint Ice Cream. The chocolate lava cake itself would not make it to the top ones I’ve had, but I love peppermint, it reminds me of Christmas.


Where to stay: There are a number of hotels near the entrance of the park. We stayed at Hampton Inn.

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