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When Ice Meets Art

Many a time I’ve come across larger than life sights in my travels — ones that cannot be given justice by words, pictures, nor moving images. You have to be there to fully live the experience.

ICE! Christmas Around the World at Baltimore’s Marriott Gaylord Resort (I am still catching up on posting 2016 travels) was one of these. The ice sculptures, colorful ones and clear ones, towered over those who came to see them. Meticulously designed and curved, each sculpture was a work of art. Had I only seen them in pictures, I would not have known they were made of ice.

My fiancé and I went with our friends, who had their kids with us, making the trip even more fun. We were all given blue parkas to wear over our winter coats, as the temperature inside the venue was definitely below freezing. It was so cold, the 30 degree outside felt like summer in comparison.

The sculptures were a representation of Christmas celebrations around the globe. Some of the displays that were more popular especially to kids were ones where people can climb up or crawl down nooks such as igloos. There were even ice slides where kids (and kids at heart) were encouraged to play.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I believe ICE! is an annual event. So if, like us, you are already planning your travel year, this is one I’d recommend. It will be a fun weekend event for next holiday season. (I also recommend Marriott Gaylord Resort, pictured below. It is one of the best hotels I’ve ever been to. There was so much to do when we were there, including train and carousel rides for the kids and Christmas tree light shows in the atrium.)

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