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Lest we forget that walls, by their very definition, divide, separate, form barriers — should we have to reexamine what these truly mean, not in the surface, we might very well find that it’s not what we want for humanity. In the words of Winston Churchill, “those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Pictured: a section of the Berlin Wall in Newseum, Washington DC.  Unlike most museums I’ve visited, Newseum made me an emotional mess. The Pulitzer section was a reminder that every generation had their share of disasters and moments that define them, whether it be times of unimaginable sorrow or unmatched glee — the human condition showcased in a timeline of unforgettable images. Times that are forever etched in history, and our collective hearts and psyche, vividly displayed in headlines, pictures and made even more real by interviews of those who lived them. The 9/11 wing must have been the hardest to peruse, with a piece of the building at the center of the space, a very real …

When Ice Meets Art

Many a time I’ve come across larger than life sights in my travels — ones that cannot be given justice by words, pictures, nor moving images. You have to be there to fully live the experience. ICE! Christmas Around the World at Baltimore’s Marriott Gaylord Resort (I am still catching up on posting 2016 travels) was one of these. The ice sculptures, colorful ones and clear ones, towered over those who came to see them. Meticulously designed and curved, each sculpture was a work of art. Had I only seen them in pictures, I would not have known they were made of ice. My fiancé and I went with our friends, who had their kids with us, making the trip even more fun. We were all given blue parkas to wear over our winter coats, as the temperature inside the venue was definitely below freezing. It was so cold, the 30 degree outside felt like summer in comparison. The sculptures were a representation of Christmas celebrations around the globe. Some of the displays that were …


If there’s ever a clichéd metaphor for life, it must be this. That no matter how gloomy, cold or dark a day may seem, the sun is there, a constant presence, waiting for its time to shine. For there is this thing called not-quite-yet — that something ever burning, so very bright, awaits its turn in this grand design of an awe-inspiring universe. If there’s ever a clichéd metaphor for life, it must be this. But we all need a reminder sometimes. Photo taken during a winter walk in Wawayanda State Park, NJ. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area and would like a simple walk, with its hiking trails even including 20 miles of the Appalachian Trail. 

Yes to Today

The moment you think you know everything is the moment you stop living; the moment you stop learning is that moment you’ve stopped being. It’s a world of infinite possibilities and endless chances for doing, creating, experiencing, gaining, giving, loving. It took me a while to cease being closed up to these very possibilities — there’s fear and comfort and insecurities — that are all too familiar companions, too attractive to abandon for the unknown. Even then, their call is louder sometimes, but I try. For what is the alternative, but to stay safe, unharmed but not living. The past year was certainly a year full of such moments, days presented with the choice of going for it, or staying cocooned in the safety of the not-for-mes, not-right-nows, and maybe-next-times. I could only wish this year would be this and much more, and the ones after, ever more open to chances to say yes. To the moment, that which may not come again; to today, our now, the only one we’re certain of; to the …

I Want to Remember

I want to remember. Long after I am no longer capable of forming coherent words, or thoughts that warrant two seconds of time, I want to remember moments when I felt and truly understood — that there really are things more to life that give meaning to mere existence yet at the same time we only have the capacity to comprehend when we let ourselves just be. I want to remember, that there is beauty, and simplicity, and meaning all coexisting in the same plane. I want to remember. Photos taken earlier in the year at Horseshoe Bend, Arizona. There is a little bit of a walk so be ready to do a short hike, especially if you’re visiting in the summer and you may want to bring water with you. The sight you’ll be rewarded with would be worth it, though. We visited in October so the weather was nice and it was not too crowded.


When we set out for Iceland, my heart was hoping for one thing: to finally be able to see the Aurora Borealis. I knew, of course, that it was largely on probability — the fickle weather, for one, had to go in our favor. Speaking of weather, probability of it not going our way has followed my friend and I from when we planned our first trip to Niagara Falls years back. It has since become a running joke. Now, much later and going into our girls’ trip, we had to laugh it off when bad weather followed us overseas. We were forewarned of this ever changing Icelandic weather: raining for five minutes, the sun comes out for ten, clouds for the next fifteen. So when we landed our first day, went on our first tour with heavy rains not letting up and were told it was unusual, it was official that we brought it with us. Our flight left New York around midnight, and landed about six in the morning. We set up a …

You learn things when you travel

You learn things when you travel. You learn about the place you visit and the people you meet, to open your eyes and your mind and your heart and to be accepting of the whole new world being opened up to you. Apart from this, though, is that you learn to look inward — you find out how impatient you are, or how easily you get tired, or maybe how much energy you’ve got and how much you love cold weather. You learn how blessed you are to have loved ones that balance you. You learn how your very thoughtful and organized fiancé takes care of the details your short attention span maybe-sort-of forgets; and how your kind hearted friend more than makes up for your impatience when your migraine kicks in and you become not so keen on dealing with not-so-kind strangers. You learn things when you travel, and the lessons always continue on to your next destination. Photo taken at Reynisfjara, Black Sand Beach. More from the Iceland trip soon.