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When we set out for Iceland, my heart was hoping for one thing: to finally be able to see the Aurora Borealis. I knew, of course, that it was largely on probability — the fickle weather, for one, had to go in our favor. Speaking of weather, probability of it not going our way has followed my friend and I from when we planned our first trip to Niagara Falls years back. It has since become a running joke. Now, much later and going into our girls’ trip, we had to laugh it off when bad weather followed us overseas. We were forewarned of this ever changing Icelandic weather: raining for five minutes, the sun comes out for ten, clouds for the next fifteen. So when we landed our first day, went on our first tour with heavy rains not letting up and were told it was unusual, it was official that we brought it with us. Our flight left New York around midnight, and landed about six in the morning. We set up a …

You learn things when you travel

You learn things when you travel. You learn about the place you visit and the people you meet, to open your eyes and your mind and your heart and to be accepting of the whole new world being opened up to you. Apart from this, though, is that you learn to look inward — you find out how impatient you are, or how easily you get tired, or maybe how much energy you’ve got and how much you love cold weather. You learn how blessed you are to have loved ones that balance you. You learn how your very thoughtful and organized fiancĂ© takes care of the details your short attention span maybe-sort-of forgets; and how your kind hearted friend more than makes up for your impatience when your migraine kicks in and you become not so keen on dealing with not-so-kind strangers. You learn things when you travel, and the lessons always continue on to your next destination. Photo taken at Reynisfjara, Black Sand Beach. More from the Iceland trip soon.