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Onwards, Always Onwards

What does it mean to no longer be able to hide behind the crisis of quarter life, too early for the mid life excuse. Perhaps it is the perfect time to be pushing oneself, or maybe to just be. After all, by this time, lessons should have been learned. But isn’t it really the point, to keep learning, year after year, and in the process of finding dreams (fulfilling some, being completely and utterly shattered and heartbroken by others), onwards, always onwards — there are beauty, laughter, friendship, family and love. Photo taken in Alaska, US Advertisements

Alaska Part II: Tongass National Forest Zip Lining, a Must

As promised, I am writing a long-overdue continuation of my Alaska post. Almost a year since then, and it has been a mentally draining day so it really wouldn’t be one of substance, but still. The last time I wrote here, I mentioned the fun superman zip line in Subic, Philippines being different from others I’ve done before, which reminded me of this. Should you have a trip to Alaska planned soon, I’d say don’t miss the chance to experience a zip line adventure in Ketchikan. The experience had us zipping over 8 lines adding up to a total of roughly 6,000 feet of wires, with the final zip line measuring more than 55 feet above the ground. Imagine all these over the Tongass National Forest — surrounded by nature and crisp, cool air — and you’ve got yourself the perfect Alaskan adventure. I took a tour through Princess Cruises, so unfortunately I am unable to recommend a zip lining tour. My experience was good, though, as compared to my prior cruise tour horror stories, so I would not recommend against going through …


We were driving through Skagway on the 7th day of our trip when one of the most memorable sites I’ve laid my eyes on came to view. The hills varied in sizes, enveloping the stretch of road we were on from both sides. They were covered with snow — not quite melted but you could see it’s on the verge, creating a striped black and white pattern as far as one can see. They were amazingly beautiful and unexpected — words that summed up not only Skagway but the entire trip, and yet do not do them justice. How do you describe standing in the midst of snowy hills and cotton candy clouds weaving across, looking up at snow-capped mountains in the distance? How do you put into words the feeling of awe as you watch an eagle fly, soaring over the light blue centuries-old glaciers; or the childlike wonder after finding a piece of two-hundred year-old ice that floated onto the shore off an iceberg? It is incomprehensible until you are standing in the middle of the massive grandeur of …