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Beautiful moments often are in the brief pauses, breaths of silence and waiting-for-something-to-happen breaks. We just have to open our eyes, minds and hearts and be ready to experience them. Tomorrows, nor next-time-this-happens, aren’t promised. And in these pauses, we cherish, we thank, and we love. Nothing else matters, really. Photo taken in Pyrofest, held at Coopers Lake Camp Ground in Pennsylvania

Cherry Blossom Festival

Spring is for new beginnings. It has indeed been a rough couple of months, we said goodbye to winter as my family and I bid goodbye to a loved one. And yet, there is promise, that love endures, and there are great things to come in 2015. As we start the year in travel, we look to one of the common places on my boyfriend and I’s V-Day top ten: The Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC. This year’s festival was scheduled from March 20th through April 12th, so we originally planned to go the first week. However, due to the severe weather we had this year, the peak bloom was forecasted to be later than expected. Make sure to keep checking the Bloom Watch page for this information. You would also find a live camera feed, where you’d be able to see the blossoms and judge for yourself. We decided to go on April 11th, which was peak bloom, the most crowded time of year to go. We stayed in Fairfax to avoid fighting for parking and save …

On Beauty

There are moments in our lives when we realize that we were granted a rare window to seeing what’s truly beautiful. In those instances, awe takes over and we know, we have been changed forever.     (Photos taken in Santorini, Greece, during our cruise in November 2013, using my iPhone. Post originally published in July 2014, photos added on this post.)

Wednesday Sightings: Sunset in Istanbul

What do you see when you wake up? How about when your day is about to wind down? Have you had the chance to have been able to marvel at sunrises and sunsets half the world over? Aren’t these priceless, humbling experiences ones that diminish all the importance and effort we put on the insignificant, minute stresses of our everyday — and beauty, only beauty, comes into focus?   Photos taken of an Istanbul, Turkey, sunset from the Celebrity Constellation Cruise Ship, November 2013

On Existence And Purpose

A butterfly only lives less than two weeks — but already has brought with its existence so much beauty and purpose, contributed to the cycle of life, perhaps touched even you and I. Can we, as we travel on through and with our limited time remind ourselves, how fleeting life is for us to spend on stresses, seemingly important, but walk away a while and suddenly in the scheme of the larger picture so insignificant? Are we with the time we are given be able to fulfill our purpose, whatever that may be, and touch others in the process?