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Wednesday Sightings: The Bodrum Castle Peacock

I realize it has been a little hectic and as a result I have not been blogging a lot lately, and certainly have not been keeping my self-imposed site schedule. To keep a semblance of it, I bring back Wednesday Sightings with the Bodrum Castle peacock — or at least one of the ones we ran across during our time in the Turkish region. We did not expect to see beautiful peacocks at the site so it was a nice, colorful surprise. They are free to roam the grounds so all visitors have fun admiring their beauty, photographing and interacting with them. This instance reminded us yet again to always be open to little surprises at every turn in all of our travels. Advertisements

Candid at Bodrum Castle, Turkey

What do people see in us during our most unguarded moments? When we allow ourselves to just be, at our most free, one with our truth, stripped to our core, unpretentious, alone with our own thoughts, most honest, most vulnerable? Above photos taken by MW, in Bodrum, Turkey, November 2013. We found Bodrum interesting. There wasn’t as much to explore compared to the other destinations we were to go on the cruise we were in at the time, so we spent most of the day at Bodrum Castle, looking out at the beautiful, pristine water beneath and exploring the castle itself. On our way back to the ship, we stopped for lunch at a restaurant looking out at the water. The food wasn’t as memorable as our meals from other stops so there isn’t much to tell there, but the view is definitely worth sharing. Perhaps one of the most memorable things about Bodrum for me was the walk from the ship to the castle, where we found the coolest-shaped ATM ever. We really find …