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Wednesday Sightings: Seen on the Streets of New York

New York: where the unusual is the everyday, and the unique is celebrated. During a walk around midtown, drawn by her umbrella skirt, I motioned to this lady if I can take a picture of her and she smiled for the camera. I believe she was wearing the skirt and top hat because they were doing a promo for a show. It wouldn’t however be unusual to see other New Yorkers who in their everyday walk to the beat of their own drum. It’s a beautiful thing isn’t it — and who’s to say that in their eyes folks like us in our current pop culture dictated selves are the ones who are unusual? Advertisements

On Manhattan

I see it everyday — commuting to work, which is in the Bronx, and more recently, to my classes in NYU (which I will write about another time), and yet it never gets old. The city has a life all its own. A cliche, yes. It is unlike any other, alive and always moving. Beyond its great skyline revered and admired are its people, cultures as colorful as its bright lights, the diversity that makes it the Manhattan we know. I have always said, for instance, that within its most populated places is the best spot to find solitude. One can be amongst many and yet be completely independent of the crowd, choose to stand out or be invisible. I can name a lot of great things about New York, but at the top of my list would definitely be individuals’ collective stance to make their own choices, to be oneself, to simply be. Featured photo taken of the city from The Chart House Restaurant, Weehawken, NJ, August 3, 2014