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Of First Princes, Princesses and Loss: Some Words of Thanks

That part of childhood where one starts believing in princes and princesses, but more importantly, in magic; that good triumphs over evil; and that there is more to life than riches and looks — lessons from fairytales, wonderful stories he used to read to me at bedtime. Those lazy afternoon snack times where he whips up his home-made pancakes; his artsy self creating elaborate birthday stages. Upon adulthood, the one prayer he had for us cousins to find our own princes and princesses who wouldn’t ever turn into frogs. Thank you, tito Nam, be at peace now, you are so loved. Advertisements

Looking Ahead to 2015

When I was a little girl, I used to get a lot of skinned knees from falling. I was not the most coordinated kid in the playground. Having grown up an only child, and my cousin not being born for another six years, I would play a lot of my own games with my aunts and uncles or on my own. Sometimes, in the company of neighbors a little older than me. I had a sheltered childhood where skinned knees, scratches and bruises were a norm for a child when she tries to run, or climb, because a child would not know her limitations, but then everyone comes to her aid right away. A bandaid, candy and a hug and everything’s fixed. During my 18th birthday, (in the Philippines, a girl’s 18th birthday is the equivalent of the United State’s sweet 16th) my mom, in her speech, told my guests that when I was a child, I used to fall a lot. She said, now I am all grown up. It was an anecdote that …

Happy Birthday Tatay

Birthdays are a big deal in my family growing up, and it was the most evident at my grandfather’s celebrations. His guests would include three generations, even four, of members from both his and my grandmother’s sides of the family; in-laws; friends from his high school days to present ones from the barangay; colleagues who still remembered his birthday long after he retired; neighbors; his children’s and grandchildren’s friends; all there to celebrate another year of his life. When he passed away, it was a testament to the way my grandfather lived that the same people who celebrated with him during those birthdays were also there to pay their respects. Tomorrow is his birthday. Happy birthday in heaven, tatay. As we celebrate another year of your memories may we learn to live a life such as yours, so as we celebrate not only days and years, but live a life worth celebrating long after we are gone.