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Darkness abound, and we look for light. We look for illumination that will save us from the nothingness seeming to persevere, taking over all beauty. Why don’t we know—that light is everywhere, and, the brightest of all, is within us all along. Image and video taken at the Poconos Lantern Fest. I was in awe when the lanterns finally started lighting up the sky like stars. Sadly, the event was disorganized and I’d recommend going to a different one if you could find a similar festival. It was still however a beautiful night, the feeling of wonder as each flicker of light illuminated the darkness like constellations, is one I’ll always remember. Advertisements

Learning To Deal With The Unexpected, Like The Day Balloon Elvis Didn’t Take Flight

One of the most important lessons travel is teaching me, is that things often don’t go as planned, or things happen that put a damper on how you think everything will go — and how you deal with the unexpected is what counts. Like the day of the hot air balloons that never were. We traveled to the Quickchek Festival of Ballooning last year, but because it was extremely windy that day the only hot air balloon we saw up in the sky was a cloud shaped like one. It was very disappointing to be looking forward to something only to learn unavoidable circumstances are preventing things to happen as you thought they were going to. To appease the crowd, the balloons were still blown up, so we still saw Elvis. So there I was, giant balloon Elvis taking shape slowly in front of my eyes, sitting beside my boyfriend, eating junk food on a windy weekend, about to see REO Speedwagon that night as part of the same event, and the greatest disappointment was …