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Wednesday Sightings: Signs Around Italy

When we were walking our way through Rome, one of the things that we found interesting were the signs on the road. They are similar to the “do not enter signs” we have here in the US but with a twist, and although definitely not the same exact signs, if there is one thing I have learned in my travels, there are things that are universal, that we all have more in common than we think — and no matter the location and variation, the signs mean the same as we are used to. We found the same themes on the signs when we were walking with our tour group in Florence (I will write about this tour another time). We of course snapped photos when we we can.

Best Gelato: Dubrovnik, Croatia

I have written about the best ice cream I’ve had, so I thought this time I’d write about the best gelato. For this, we’d have to go to Croatia. I remember walking into the gates of Old Town in Dubrovnik and seeing everyone walking around holding ice cream cones. Being a marketer, I can attest that there isn’t any better advertisement one can ask for than that. That day, my boyfriend was not feeling too well and I told him, feeling envy towards the cone holders, that gelato will make everything feel better. Little did we know that we will be eating the best ones we’ve had. I approached the vendor with the flavors piled high displayed in the glass case and asked for the cones and bought chocolate for him, chocolate chip for me. We sat down by the fountain and started eating — I have said in my ice cream post that I microwave my ice cream when at home to get to my desired consistency, and this was just perfect, no microwave …