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On Beauty

There are moments in our lives when we realize that we were granted a rare window to seeing what’s truly beautiful. In those instances, awe takes over and we know, we have been changed forever.     (Photos taken in Santorini, Greece, during our cruise in November 2013, using my iPhone. Post originally published in July 2014, photos added on this post.)

On Endurance: Don’t Pray for Lighter Burdens

“Don’t pray for lighther burdens, pray for stronger backs.” – Anon Photo taken of hardworking donkeys, as they stop to take a quick break in Oia, Santorini, during our trip to Greece in November 2013. Tourists are often given advisories not to take ‘donkey taxis’ in Santorini as most of them are reportedly being mistreated by their handlers (something we ourselves did not witness: the man in this particular photograph seemed to us to have been intent on the task at hand, like many of the hardworking folks we met in our travels). It’s also symbolic of the endurance and strength we should — and find within us to — exhibit when we have to take on the challenges we are given. Weekly photo challenge: Endurance

A Rainy Day in Athens

“How often does it storm here in Athens?” my boyfriend asks our tour guide as he drives in the pouring rain at 7:30 in the morning. “Quite often,” he says. We look at each other, then our gazes turn to the cruise ship, which was then being swayed back and forth by the wind, as we passed by the port, with our guide telling us this was one of two major ports in Athens. It was at that point seeming more like a monsoon than just rain. I give my boyfriend one more uneasy look, thinking, are we sure we want to do this today, i.e. are we going to drown in Greece? But we’re in Athens, and we were determined to make the most of it. Seemingly unaware of our doubts, our tour guide tells us, by then around 8 am, that he was going to drive us directly to the Acropolis. First thing in the morning, he says, is the best time to go, for us to beat the crowd. We drive a …