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This feeling, too, shall pass

From my 2011 self: Let this be a reminder that there are days when you wake up feeling at your absolute worst, at your absolute ugliest, the most tired your psyche has ever been. But despite of everything you dislike about yourself, you know that there are people who love you, imperfections included. And that’s how you believe, this feeling, too, shall pass.

Words from my younger self

Next time, bubble wrap your heart so it doesn’t break. The problem with that is, you would also seal in your pain. Without room to breathe, you give it the opportunity to grow into anger. And anger has the danger of growing into hate. Then, you lose the chance to ever, ever heal. Written in the early 2000’s, resurfaced through Facebook

Onwards, Always Onwards

What does it mean to no longer be able to hide behind the crisis of quarter life, too early for the mid life excuse. Perhaps it is the perfect time to be pushing oneself, or maybe to just be. After all, by this time, lessons should have been learned. But isn’t it really the point, to keep learning, year after year, and in the process of finding dreams (fulfilling some, being completely and utterly shattered and heartbroken by others), onwards, always onwards — there are beauty, laughter, friendship, family and love. Photo taken in Alaska, US

Of First Princes, Princesses and Loss: Some Words of Thanks

That part of childhood where one starts believing in princes and princesses, but more importantly, in magic; that good triumphs over evil; and that there is more to life than riches and looks — lessons from fairytales, wonderful stories he used to read to me at bedtime. Those lazy afternoon snack times where he whips up his home-made pancakes; his artsy self creating elaborate birthday stages. Upon adulthood, the one prayer he had for us cousins to find our own princes and princesses who wouldn’t ever turn into frogs. Thank you, tito Nam, be at peace now, you are so loved.

On Failure, Finding One’s Path and The Continuous Pursuit

It feels like ages ago today since a friend and I ventured into an experiment that lost us a lot of time, effort and capital. It was not a successful undertaking — we were naive, inexperienced, and suffice it to say, now older and wiser, there are a lot of things we would have done differently. For a few years I regretted the decision to go into the business, and subsequently, fail at it. But there is a lot of truth to this, though a cliche — that failure, I have found, helps shape you. Professionally, I wear many hats. I went to college for business, subsequently found myself in communications, graphic design, web, digital and marketing. I was speaking to a colleague a few weeks back who has just recently started an online business of her own, which led me to reveal to her my personal history down the path of entrepreneurship. In the few minutes we spoke about ideas for her venture, I realized that had I not tried — failing at it, …

It Was Still A Great Day After All

Travel opens one up to a multitude of experiences. The luckiest of us see the realities of life in the midst of our journeys, good and bad, and even in the most everyday and simplest of situations are confronted with truths about the world we live in. I am an idealist, and those stereotypes often heard in stories and read in books, are just that to me. Stories and history — after all, we have come a long way and are well into the most modern of times. Until we sat down to grab lunch at a restaurant in Marseilles, with tables of people being served their food, and a waiter comes over to our table and tells us that they are closed and no longer serving food when it was clear they were still taking other people’s orders. Why us? Was it that I am Asian? Was it because my boyfriend is American? Was it that we were together and from the States? Did they not like the way we looked, how we were …