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Mapping Bourdain

As travel shows go, the many incarnations of Anthony Bourdain’s philosophical and very real take on food, yes, but more than that, culture, is definitely a must. Though Brasserie Le Halles, the now New York staple he used to helm (where my boyfriend was very sweet to have taken me), did not live up to expectations as far as steakhouses, we religiously watch old episodes of No Reservations shot in places we’re going so we can choose a few spots for our own map of places to check off our bucket list du jour. Turkey: Uphill and Soggy Buns Turkey, for example, was especially interesting. We decided our first night in Istanbul that we were going to walk to Durumzade, a small spot where Tony swears the Adana kebab was the best. It was quite an adventure as we did not know that we had to walk uphill to the restaurant. We walked until we finally gave up and hailed a cab a block from the place and got to our goal: Anthony Bourdain’s recommended kebab. …

The Chrysler Building; and Not Only Seeing, But Understanding

One sees differently from different angles. May it be when looking at something’s tangible physical attribute or in an argument, a fresh view leads to not only seeing but understanding. Weekly photo challenge: Angular The Chrysler Building as seen from New York City’s The Ride, a tourist bus that takes people around midtown Manhattan while entertainers perform inside the vehicle and on the streets. (We did not particularly love The Ride, mostly because we thought it was going to bring us to more destinations. Perhaps if you’re familiar with the city don’t expect to be in awe.)

Travel Tips Thursday: New York City

There was a very good article a few days ago on Lonely Planet that mapped out how to have a perfect day in New York. I thought I’d supplement it here with a few additional tips of my own. Skip Times Square. If you do not absolutely have to, do not venture onto Times Square. It is extremely crowded and there isn’t much to see. Unfortunately, I have to pass by Times Square on my way to work, and to class as the midtown building of NYU is located at West 42nd. It is painful getting through and you could use the time exploring Central Park or one of New York’s many museums. Do not be afraid to try smaller restaurants. New York has a wealth of eclectic fare for diverse tastes. In midtown, for example, Sake Bar Hagi is a hidden gem of a yakitori restaurant. It is open from 5 pm – 2 am so if you find yourself trying to find food really late this is a place that is open. (I …

On Our Robatayaki Experience, and Spending Quality Time With Friends

During this day and age, time with some of our most treasured friends that we very seldom see come few and far between. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for work, family, significant others, errands and everything else that needs to get done — so when we get to spend time with these great people, it becomes even more special. One of those times that stand out in my mind was once upon a birthday. That November some years ago, not only did I get to meet up with two of my girlfriends that I don’t get to see very often, but it was unforgettable for its uniqueness. We went to Inakaya, a robatayaki in the New York Times building the city. It is a Japanese type of cooking that literally translates to “fireside cooking,” where food — mostly seafood and vegetables are slowly grilled over charcoal. I was excited to begin with as my favorite cuisine. But when my friends G and M told the staff that it was my birthday, they …

Lady Liberty, a Symbol of Our Enduring Ideals: Democracy, Freedom, and Hope

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” – Emma Lazarus A gift of friendship from France to the United States, Lady Liberty is a symbol of democracy and freedom. She stands tall through everything we had endured in New York and beyond, a true universal symbol of the strong woven fabric that we are made of and what we can do together. Times may be volatile but there are ideals that remain the same, and the pursuit of these endure not only in our symbols — which help remind us of what we have accomplished, what came before, what can be when all seem hopeless — but also within each of us. Photo taken during a cruise around Manhattan with my parents some years back. Weekly photo challenge: Endurance