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Wednesday Sightings: Sunset in Istanbul

What do you see when you wake up? How about when your day is about to wind down? Have you had the chance to have been able to marvel at sunrises and sunsets half the world over? Aren’t these priceless, humbling experiences ones that diminish all the importance and effort we put on the insignificant, minute stresses of our everyday — and beauty, only beauty, comes into focus?   Photos taken of an Istanbul, Turkey, sunset from the Celebrity Constellation Cruise Ship, November 2013

The Hagia Sophia: a Great Testament to the Human Spirit

One of those things we as a society think we don’t agree about, is religion. There are currently approximately 4,200 known religions in the world — but the differences in beliefs aren’t the source of the disagreements. It’s the perception that we have more differences than we have in common, and that in those differences begin fear. Religion is a sensitive topic. It has, after all, spun wars for centuries, claiming thousands and thousands of lives. This is one of the main reasons why it was amazing to step foot in a place like the beautiful Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, now a museum but one with so much history — both cultural and religious. If you look around its interior, you would still see remnants of symbolism from different religions, as it was originally constructed as a Greek Orthodox basilica, later became a Roman Catholic church, and when the Ottoman Turks came to Turkey, it was converted into a Mosque. It is a testament to how a city evolves with time, a witness to the …