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For Auld Lang Syne

For auld lang syne — for old times’ sake, we sing just as each New Year strikes. For old times’ sake, we sing, looking back on people, places and times spent together as we start another chapter. As I get older the more I realize the value of true, tested and old friendships. Ones where not only have you opened yourself up to reveal your own personal history at its beginning, but when you look back you’ll find this history is now a shared one, and has been written with your friends playing their own big parts. My fiancĂ© and I ended and started 2017 with some of my oldest friends, and are now his as well. As I stood there looking up at the fireworks with him to my left and our friends to my right, the music rang true. ( Also knowing that the first day of the year will be spent celebrating a reunion with a high school classmate I haven’t seen in 20 years.) For auld lang syne, and for all …

We Begin Again

What of beauty, as snow flakes fall and leave a blanket of white. What of the world as it spins, again, the wonderful snow globe a reminder that it’s setting the stage for renewal — of hopes, of dreams, of life. For as the snow flakes fall and as the world spins and the last year turns to the new, we begin again.

Looking Ahead to 2015

When I was a little girl, I used to get a lot of skinned knees from falling. I was not the most coordinated kid in the playground. Having grown up an only child, and my cousin not being born for another six years, I would play a lot of my own games with my aunts and uncles or on my own. Sometimes, in the company of neighbors a little older than me. I had a sheltered childhood where skinned knees, scratches and bruises were a norm for a child when she tries to run, or climb, because a child would not know her limitations, but then everyone comes to her aid right away. A bandaid, candy and a hug and everything’s fixed. During my 18th birthday, (in the Philippines, a girl’s 18th birthday is the equivalent of the United State’s sweet 16th) my mom, in her speech, told my guests that when I was a child, I used to fall a lot. She said, now I am all grown up. It was an anecdote that …