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On Our Robatayaki Experience, and Spending Quality Time With Friends

During this day and age, time with some of our most treasured friends that we very seldom see come few and far between. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for work, family, significant others, errands and everything else that needs to get done — so when we get to spend time with these great people, it becomes even more special. One of those times that stand out in my mind was once upon a birthday. That November some years ago, not only did I get to meet up with two of my girlfriends that I don’t get to see very often, but it was unforgettable for its uniqueness. We went to Inakaya, a robatayaki in the New York Times building the city. It is a Japanese type of cooking that literally translates to “fireside cooking,” where food — mostly seafood and vegetables are slowly grilled over charcoal. I was excited to begin with as my favorite cuisine. But when my friends G and M told the staff that it was my birthday, they …

Lady Liberty, a Symbol of Our Enduring Ideals: Democracy, Freedom, and Hope

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” – Emma Lazarus A gift of friendship from France to the United States, Lady Liberty is a symbol of democracy and freedom. She stands tall through everything we had endured in New York and beyond, a true universal symbol of the strong woven fabric that we are made of and what we can do together. Times may be volatile but there are ideals that remain the same, and the pursuit of these endure not only in our symbols — which help remind us of what we have accomplished, what came before, what can be when all seem hopeless — but also within each of us. Photo taken during a cruise around Manhattan with my parents some years back. Weekly photo challenge: Endurance

Wednesday Sightings: Seen on the Streets of New York

New York: where the unusual is the everyday, and the unique is celebrated. During a walk around midtown, drawn by her umbrella skirt, I motioned to this lady if I can take a picture of her and she smiled for the camera. I believe she was wearing the skirt and top hat because they were doing a promo for a show. It wouldn’t however be unusual to see other New Yorkers who in their everyday walk to the beat of their own drum. It’s a beautiful thing isn’t it — and who’s to say that in their eyes folks like us in our current pop culture dictated selves are the ones who are unusual?

On Humanity: Joining Together Through What Seems Insurmountable

What makes us human? Is it looking into someone’s eyes and seeing joy, love, or hope? Is it triumph, sadness, pain during unfortunate times, is it survival? It’s everything isn’t it, but more so joining together in experiencing everything we all go through individually, knowing we have each other through it all — through the seemingly insurmountable, impossible battles we face. Weekly photo challenge: humanity

Accepting More Than One Idea, And Celebrating The Freedom That We Can

Most of us can recall vividly where we were at that exact moment it happened, when everything we thought we knew about the world changed. Generations before us, they knew. They’ve seen the true horrors of war. We were living in a world courtesy of their efforts, blood and sacrifice, the lives of their comrades. Waking up the day after, it was a changed world. How are we to make sense of such an act, why did it happen, how do we honor those who have fallen? In our everyday we take so much for granted. We take a lot of time and spend so much energy debating the right to bear arms, or freedom of choice, school prayer, how much part should religion play, yet this in itself — the right to free speech, the freedom to take a stand, that we can debate and accept more than one idea knowing we wouldn’t have to worry about unrest for our families, friends and neighbors every single hour of every day, that we are blessed …

Wednesday Sightings: Head in the Clouds (All it Takes is an Idea)

In the age of social media, some of the platforms that bring with them a lot of promise are crowdfunding platforms, arguably the most popular ones being Kickstarter and Charity Water. All it takes is an idea, and anyone can appeal to the world why they should get to have their dreams realized, or why their cause is important. As a marketing communications professional, digital marketer and full time idealist, crowdfunding has always peaked my interest. Inspiring stories, such as movies being produced with the help of people instead of big production companies for complete creative control, and more importantly, wells being dug around the world in places where clean water was next to impossible before, prove the power of these platforms in making a difference. One example of a project that was realized through Kickstarter was the “Head in the Clouds” project, an installation made up of recycled materials in Governors Island in the summer of 2013. We did not know what we were going to find in Governors Island when we went there …

On Art

I have this daydream that I am going to one day have one of those experiences that’s a cross between Owen Wilson in “Midnight in Paris” and the late Robin Williams in “What Dreams May Come.” I sometimes have a misguided picture of myself as an old soul and old heart, but then again a big part of me lives in this very moment. I do believe I have my own world and sometimes think I am the only one who understands in what plane I am living at any given instant, but that’s okay, too. And when I have encounters with art, it happens, even for so brief a time as I allow myself to get lost. I think that’s what it’s all about though isn’t it — getting lost and drawing from ┬áit what’s personally important.