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Great Falls National Historic Park

There are those places we pass by a hundred times and don’t even know the many secrets they hide. Because we always have other places to be, things to get done, no time to discover the simpler, the unassuming. Photos taken at the Great Falls National Historic Park, Paterson, NJ, a park I didn’t even know existed in Jersey. It was a truly nice spring afternoon spent discovering this park and the beautiful falls in my own backyard. The best surprise was the rainbow that formed as the sun hit the water.  I was glad to have captured it in these photos, but these would not compare to being there in person. Advertisements

The Weekend That Was: Steamtown

It’s interesting to think that there was a time when airplanes, which are a big part of not only travel, but industry and economy, were not around years ago. This weekend, my boyfriend and I had the chance to visit Steamtown National Historic Park in Scranton, PA, a few hours drive from NYC. It was a great way to learn about the history of the railroad, steam engines and how steam trains contributed to American economy in the 19th century, prior to the advent of the diesel engine — transporting people, food and everything you could think of, across the country — until the automobile industry took over. The museums were very educational and informative regarding the history of the locomotive, and you could take a 45 minute ride on a steam or diesel train. We did all these, but enjoyed the museums much more than the ride (though it was a nice experience). According to the movie they were showing in the museum theatre, the last locomotive stopped running when people learned how much …