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Collectors of Memory Fragments (and Pictures of Acadia)

There are these places we see, take our breath away and stay with us. Time passes and we forget details — but a sound, an image, a flicker of a memory, and one can relive the feeling of being captivated as if it were yesterday. Is it the intangible way we just know there are things that can affect one so greatly, a reminder of wonder and awe and life’s mysteries, time passing and the world’s beauty revealed in small fragments, whenever we set our eyes on a new sight, or share it with someone close to our heart? So we become a collector of fragments, seeking more of these pieces, of these places we take with us when we leave them behind and become a part of who we define ourselves to be. This post was inspired by pictures from our trip to Acadia National Park in Maine, US. As I mentioned in this blog before, one of our goals (my boyfriend and I) is to visit all US National Parks. We were able check …


We were driving through Skagway on the 7th day of our trip when one of the most memorable sites I’ve laid my eyes on came to view. The hills varied in sizes, enveloping the stretch of road we were on from both sides. They were covered with snow — not quite melted but you could see it’s on the verge, creating a striped black and white pattern as far as one can see. They were amazingly beautiful and unexpected — words that summed up not only Skagway but the entire trip, and yet do not do them justice. How do you describe standing in the midst of snowy hills and cotton candy clouds weaving across, looking up at snow-capped mountains in the distance? How do you put into words the feeling of awe as you watch an eagle fly, soaring over the light blue centuries-old glaciers; or the childlike wonder after finding a piece of two-hundred year-old ice that floated onto the shore off an iceberg? It is incomprehensible until you are standing in the middle of the massive grandeur of …

On Beauty

There are moments in our lives when we realize that we were granted a rare window to seeing what’s truly beautiful. In those instances, awe takes over and we know, we have been changed forever.     (Photos taken in Santorini, Greece, during our cruise in November 2013, using my iPhone. Post originally published in July 2014, photos added on this post.)

Wednesday Sightings: The Bodrum Castle Peacock

I realize it has been a little hectic and as a result I have not been blogging a lot lately, and certainly have not been keeping my self-imposed site schedule. To keep a semblance of it, I bring back Wednesday Sightings with the Bodrum Castle peacock — or at least one of the ones we ran across during our time in the Turkish region. We did not expect to see beautiful peacocks at the site so it was a nice, colorful surprise. They are free to roam the grounds so all visitors have fun admiring their beauty, photographing and interacting with them. This instance reminded us yet again to always be open to little surprises at every turn in all of our travels.

On Serenity

In the middle of crowds and chaos, I am learning to tune out noise and aspire for calm. There, in the in between, in the just-arrived and not-there-yet; the I can come in and choose to stay an observer; twinkling lights, fun and merry-go-rounds against a soft picturesque as-if-it-was-painted backdrop; the middle of the day and night, the light still but not quite dark — is serenity. Picture taken of Warwick’s 4th of July Carnival, 2014, Warwick, NY using my iPhone Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

Mapping Bourdain

As travel shows go, the many incarnations of Anthony Bourdain’s philosophical and very real take on food, yes, but more than that, culture, is definitely a must. Though Brasserie Le Halles, the now New York staple he used to helm (where my boyfriend was very sweet to have taken me), did not live up to expectations as far as steakhouses, we religiously watch old episodes of No Reservations shot in places we’re going so we can choose a few spots for our own map of places to check off our bucket list du jour. Turkey: Uphill and Soggy Buns Turkey, for example, was especially interesting. We decided our first night in Istanbul that we were going to walk to Durumzade, a small spot where Tony swears the Adana kebab was the best. It was quite an adventure as we did not know that we had to walk uphill to the restaurant. We walked until we finally gave up and hailed a cab a block from the place and got to our goal: Anthony Bourdain’s recommended kebab. …

When in Rome…

There is an age-old belief that if you make a wish and throw a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder into the Fontana Di Trevi, you are sure to go back to Rome. It was also one of the items on my bucket list — so when we had the chance to go to Rome during our Mediterranean Cruise early last year, we made our way to the Trevi Fountain. As expected it was very crowded, but we still managed to squeeze into a nice spot in front, throw our respective coins, and make a wish. Later the same year, we were back in Rome. Have you made a wish at the Fontana Di Trevi? I was very happy to have checked this off my bucket list last year. What is on your bucket list that you would like to check off this coming year?