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On Serenity

In the middle of crowds and chaos, I am learning to tune out noise and aspire for calm. There, in the in between, in the just-arrived and not-there-yet; the I can come in and choose to stay an observer; twinkling lights, fun and merry-go-rounds against a soft picturesque as-if-it-was-painted backdrop; the middle of the day and night, the light still but not quite dark — is serenity. Picture taken of Warwick’s 4th of July Carnival, 2014, Warwick, NY using my iPhone Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

Parasailing (aka the day I felt I was Flying)

One of my most memorable experiences was parasailing at Belmar Beach in New Jersey. It was just a coworker and I, the sky above and the blue water below. You get started by the boat and you get lifted up slowly. You then find yourself looking down onto the ocean, feeling the wind on your face, very high above the boat where you started. At some points, they start dunking you back and forth onto the water which is also a fun part. Mankind is, for some reason, always fascinated with the sky and gazing at its infinite blue beauty; or the dark canvas lit only with its stars. So we always try to reach up, imagine and dream to fly as high as the clouds. Parasailing was as close to the feeling of flying I have been able to experience so far. Being able to spend time high above and with our view from up there, it made me learn to appreciate the beauty of the sky and the ocean more than I did …