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We Begin Again

What of beauty, as snow flakes fall and leave a blanket of white. What of the world as it spins, again, the wonderful snow globe a reminder that it’s setting the stage for renewal — of hopes, of dreams, of life. For as the snow flakes fall and as the world spins and the last year turns to the new, we begin again. Advertisements

When Life Hands You Polar Vortex

Our old friend winter is back, and it looks like we are getting the same sub-zero temperatures we experienced last year. Having originally come from a tropical country, I love winter. The first fall of a snow flake, everything covered in white — just beautiful. It is brutally cold, but it is an opportunity to find ways to keep warm. Hug and snuggle with a loved one. Gather friends and play in the snow. Put on lots of layers and take your dog out for a walk in a park you haven’t explored before, winter views are breathtaking. Make hot chocolate and write that book you have been meaning to write, or maybe read one from the best seller list, take that much needed time for yourself. Revel in the beauty of the winter, and in the promise of spring. Photos taken when my friends and I went snow tubing in Mountain Creek, NJ

On Comfort Zones, and A Long Ago Trip To Japan

When I was 15, I was given the opportunity to travel to Japan along with three other students and a teacher from our high school. We were being sent to a YMCA ski camp, where they were going to teach us — kids who have not boarded a plane, let alone seen snow — how to ski. That was the first time I was truly taken out of my comfort zone. I had gone to seminars out of town prior to then, but this time, I was going to be a plane ride away, I was not going to know the language, and everything was going to be new and unfamiliar. I remember one of my fondest memories from the trip was also perhaps the simplest. When we got to Nagoya, our first destination, we were hungry and wanted to get something from the vending machine in the hotel but everything was of course in Japanese. We ended up unknowingly getting the extra spicy noodles which were almost inedible. It was so funny that we kept …