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This feeling, too, shall pass

From my 2011 self: Let this be a reminder that there are days when you wake up feeling at your absolute worst, at your absolute ugliest, the most tired your psyche has ever been. But despite of everything you dislike about yourself, you know that there are people who love you, imperfections included. And that’s how you believe, this feeling, too, shall pass.

Words from my younger self

Next time, bubble wrap your heart so it doesn’t break. The problem with that is, you would also seal in your pain. Without room to breathe, you give it the opportunity to grow into anger. And anger has the danger of growing into hate. Then, you lose the chance to ever, ever heal. Written in the early 2000’s, resurfaced through Facebook


Darkness abound, and we look for light. We look for illumination that will save us from the nothingness seeming to persevere, taking over all beauty. Why don’t we know—that light is everywhere, and, the brightest of all, is within us all along. Image and video taken at the Poconos Lantern Fest. I was in awe when the lanterns finally started lighting up the sky like stars. Sadly, the event was disorganized and I’d recommend going to a different one if you could find a similar festival. It was still however a beautiful night, the feeling of wonder as each flicker of light illuminated the darkness like constellations, is one I’ll always remember.


Sometimes I wonder if during those moments when the world is a blur, black and white or even invisible — if the reverse is true. I wonder if it were the same, if during those moments I could not see the world, if I too, disappear from it. Written on a migraine day, February 20, 2013. Photo taken on a day when the Grand Canyon was hiding behind a cloudy day in 2016.